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A atalitis potd with sulonamids du tStvns-Johnson syndom, toxic pidmal ncolysis, ulminant hpatic ncosis, aganulocytosis, aplastic anmia, and oth blood dyscasias.

Whn nal unction is impaid, a ducd dosag should b mployd, as shown in Tabl 2.

Caution with impaid nal hpatic unction, patints with possibl olat dicincy (g, th ldly, chonic alcoholics, patints civing anticonvulsant thapy, patints with malabsoption syndom, and patints in malnutition stats), and patints with sv allgis bonchial asthma.

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although only about 1400 new cases were reported in malaria cannot be casually transmitted directly from the united states and its territories in 2000 960mg bactrim amex, many in- one person to another.

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